Learn to Use a Mantra

Learn To Use A Mantra

The Golden Key

Think about God as often as you can, especially when things get rough in your relationships. The Science of Mind Church has a technique the “The Golden Key” which is wonderful and simple. Every time you catch yourself indulging in worry about a problem in your life, STOP, and think about God instead. Remember that one of the important universal laws “What you think about expands. “If you dwell on a problem, you will get more of it and it will get worse. When you dwell on your idea of God, you will be filled with that.

If there is no concept of God that works for you, try saying a mantra – words or syllables that you chant so that the sound will still your mind. The one that Babaji taught was “Om Namaha Shivai,” which had many meanings. The translation I like the best is “Infinite Being, Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Manifestation.“ Saying a mantra will get you clear of habitual negative thought patterns and will also bring you peace and Joy.
An affirmation is a kind of mantra. Chanting to yourself an Affirmation, like “I am increasing my willingness to be loved,” is effective and gets you very high.


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