Love Yourself

Lucille Ball

Here is a metaphysical law:



Jesus said ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself.’
–  One definition of love is extreme self-approval.
–  When you love yourself, you give others the opportunity to love you. If you hate yourself, you don’t allow others to love you.
–  When your self-esteem is on the back burner and someone loves you and accepts you, you reject them, you try to change them, or you think they’re lying.
–  When you blame the world for a lack of love you create even more negative mass which makes things even worse for you. Some people say:
– My life doesn’t work because I don’t have the right boyfriend. This philosophy never works. You have to become the right person yourself, instead of looking for the right person.
–  To become the person you want as a friend, I’ve shared below a way to boost your self-esteem.

1. Approve yourself, and praise yourself verbally.
2. Appreciate everything you do. Learn from it.
3. Have faith in your abilities.
4. Give yourself pleasure without guilt.
5. Love your body and admire your beauty.
6. Give yourself what you desire; feel you deserve it.
7. let yourself win – in life and in relationships.
8. Allow others to love you.
9. Follow your intuition.
10. See your own perfection.
11. Let yourself be rich; give up poverty.
12. Reward yourself; never punish yourself.
13. Trust yourself.
14. Feed yourself.
15. Allow yourself to enjoy sex and affection.
16. Turn any negative thoughts about yourself into affirmations.

NB. High self-esteem is not being egotistical; “Egoism is trying to prove you’re OK after you’ve first fallen into hating yourself.”

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