Joy is a succes power

Joy Is A Succes Power

Joy Is A Success Power

A civil service employee heard a lecture on joy and began silently holding to the word “joy” during her workday in a large office. Sometimes she would silently say,” I am joy.” Her fellow workers, previously unhappy about many things, became so joyous that within a few days, this woman had to stop affirming joy. The hilarity in her office was beginning to disrupt the work schedule.

   True joy contains within it all power for good. If you will cultivate joy, you will find your life and affairs arranging themselves accordingly. But the great secret of the power of joy is this: Just getting the feeling or realization of joy is all that matters. Everything else will follow. When you can get a realization of joy; when you can stir up a warm feeling of joy from within yourself; then you have released the greatest power of heaven and earth for solving your problems and bringing forth new good.

  Moses gave the command, “Ye shall rejoice in all ye put your hand unto” (Deuteronomy 12:7).
A marvelous statement of joy that stirs op successful results is this: “The joy of the Lord is a well-spring within me, establishing perfect results.”

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