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Jeru Kabbal

QLB Meditation

Quantum Light Breath Guided Meditation The QLB MEDITATION is a fast, clean, and natural way to release tension and increase your awareness. – It is a good meditation for home.– Gives an intensive cleansing of the body and mind.

Make yourself feel

Make Yourself Feel

Make Yourself Feel Rev. Ike teaches that you must do whatever is necessary to MAKE YOURSELF FEEL that you are what you WISH to be… Here is a powerful affirmation using the technique of VISUALIZATION that will implant in your consciousness, a POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE of you as a healthy, happy, loving, successful and prosperous person! Repeat …

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The secret of happiness

The Secret of Happiness

Discover The Secret Of Happiness And Learn How To Apply It In Your Life! The video you just watched is a brief excerpt from Rev. Ike’s eye-opening FULL-LENGTH Audio lesson (on MP3), “The Secret of Happiness.” Rev. Ike begins this dynamic lesson, “The Secret of Happiness,” by taking you through some of the definitions and meanings …

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