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Seeing With the Mind’s Eye

Seeing With the Mind’s Eye

In Mind Science, in order to bring the good that you desire into your experience, we teach you to visualize.
By the technique of “visualization,” you can direct the attention of your mind toward the good you desire.
Develop the technique of visualization. Learn to use your imagination to “see” yourself already being, doing, and having the good which you desire.
Because you can be, do, and have anything that you direct your attention to, anything that you can see yourself being, doing, and having.
But to bring your good desires into your experience, you must first learn how to visualize. You must first learn how to see yourself with that good that you desire.

Open Your Inner Eye

When I say that you must “see” the good you desire, I am not speaking of seeing with your physical eyes.
I am speaking of seeing with your Mind’s Eye, the inner eye of your imagination. That is visualization. That is where the real seeing is done.
Whatever you can see within your mind, you will bring into your experience.
One of the greatest Gospel truths that have ever been spoken is the phrase used by the comic Flip Wilson: “What you see is what you get!”
And it’s so true. You’re not going to get anymore in life than what you can visualize yourself with

Whatever you can see, you can be!

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