Feeling Gets The Blessing

Feeling Gets The Blessing

Rev. Ike: If You Can Feel It. You Can Have It.

In this video, Rev. Ike is teaching from his powerful and profound teaching series, FEELING GETS THE BLESSING!

As you listen, Rev. Ike tells you that all of your Mind Treatments — your prayers, your visualizations, and your affirmations — are ultimately for one purpose…

to make yourself FEEL like you are the one you wish to be!

This FEELING GETS THE BLESSING lessons are filled with practical techniques and mind-conditioning treatments that will help you to change your ‘Emotional Self-Definition’ in order to BE the person you wish to be!

Because these lessons are so rich and filled with symbolism, we recommend this series to you only if you already have some experience with Rev. Ike’s teachings — and have studied at least one or two of his other lessons!

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